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Default Toter purchase advice

I am ready to move from a 42ft American Tradition MH(400HP) to a toter. Been dragging around a 20ft stacker with race car, spares, tools, tires etc weighing ~14K for 10 years and lately pulling a 8K Hummer on a utility trailer to and from the Mtns for offroading. Wore out the 300K rated dif at 110K miles. I definitely need a toter but know little about them.
Questions: 1. approx HP needed
2. Twin vs single screw
3. Approx reasonable buying vs asking prices(MH markups are huge and I know nothing about toter and Mtr coache markups. Do not want to insult anyone with unreasonable offers and I hate that offer/counter offer game). Prices are all over the place and it seems that there is no easy way to know how many miles are on the donor chassis/engine.I will get killed on the trade in on my MH because of it's age and mileage so at the risk of being tacky, approx $ am I looking at to get into a used toter? Will 90 to 130K get me into something reasonable for what I want to do?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I value comments from forum members who have been there and done that and have no reason to BS.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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