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Default some more updates

some progress on a new EPDM room. I screwed down 1/2" OSB over the original transparent roof and then glued down the EPDM. Installed my MaxFan's , full power and 10 speed, reversable with remote, they are awesome! Expensive but awesome. Can't wait to use them. Anyways, following the instructions it says to use adhesive or butyl tape under the trim ring before you screw it down. Me doing everything the Tim Taylor method, if a little is good, a lot is better, I coated the bottom flange real nice with Dicor non leveling Lap Sealant for roofs, screwed down the flange so the sealant ooses out. Then wiped it nice all the way around. Turns out that is a big no no! using thick amounts of this causes Petrolium distillate, I think I said that right. Anyways gasses come out and cause the EPDM to bubble any ways. I had to pull the rubber up around the opening, reglue, use butyl under the flange and then just caulk the seam. This worked well, just wish I would have done it the first time.... What a mess
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