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Originally Posted by qwcslvr1 View Post
All Dupont base/clear. The blue is a 2014/15 Chrysler hydro blue with several different pearls and metallics in it. Black is black. Silver is a pearl/metallic. Clear is a high quality with the best uv protection. 3 coats of all base colors and clear coat. Blue was the spendiest paint of the 3. Don't remember gallons used but around $5500.00 in materials alone.
Wow, that is a lot of times spraying around the truck!
I am trying to figure out how much paint I am going to go through when I paint my 28' box and then the truck. I am probably just going to do single stage Acrylic Urethane to cut down on cost and amount of times around spraying! Mine is going to be pretty boring white! I am still in aweeeee on how yours looks!
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