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Default Question about conversion costs

So for quite a while now I've been kicking around the idea of simply buying a class 8 tractor, converting a standard semi-trailer into an RV and just going about it that way. It seemed to me to be a cheap way to get it all done the way I wanted. Unfortunately, I read somewhere that the Feds won't let you drive a class 8 without a CDL, even if the length and weight are within your driver license maximums and it's only for personal use. So that idea's a bust, I guess.

After learning that, I found this forum and I'm curious to know how much a bare bones conversion would cost if I had it done by professionals (I'm not a mechanic or anything, lol). I'm talking frame stretch (and I'm assuming a new and longer driveshaft), building the box for the RV portion and fitting it out with basic things like beds and couches, basic kitchen, and a shower....and obviously all the tanks that go with all that stuff. If possible I'd like to be able to get a car in the back without towing it to save miles.

I'm not looking for an official quote or anything. I'm nowhere close to being able to start on something like this. I'm just looking for a reasonable estimate on what a basic conversion would cost so I have a vague idea of what the budget would have to be like. I've seen used tractors for $15K-20K and I'm hoping a conversion and fitting out would only add around $30K-40K, but I have no real idea so I figured I'd ask the people who have done it.

Thanks in advance!
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