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Dave, I was planning on using Silkaflex-252 to bond the .040 alum to the 2" tubing. However, after doing two test strips and following the manufacture's instructions to the letter, I was still able to pull the alum from the tubing after 72 hours cure time. Also, I have seen two "store bought" trailers with bonded sheeting peeled open like a can opener went down the entire side. That's when I went to the shaveable rivets. The rivets are 3/16" with an "O ring" seal. I predrilled a 2" x 1/8" x 10' flat strip for a pattern to space the rivets all the same. The rivets are spaced at 4" and the studs are on 16" centers. Using the pattern it went pretty fast. The rivets are not painted. Once they oxidize a little they look almost white anyway. I am sure there are some bonding agents that will work well, I just feel better with a mechanical fastener. The only drawback is the price of the shaving tool. At $200 it seemed a little pricey and you need to shave a few "practice" rivets to get the head shaved correctly.
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