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^Interesting to hear I am going to give the black a good and thorough clean while it is out and hopefully remove the odor from it. Probably use more of this odoban stuff.

I guess just a little bit of ignorance and impatience got the best of me on the tank situation. We have let if sit for extended periods of time with sewage. When I was building it I used to regularly use it and the only place to dump is a half hour away hence it had sat for weeks and maybe months without getting dumped. I was really just unaware that it is a best practice to avoid letting them sit with sewage in them. I have never owned or even used an RV before this. I was also unaware of the biology / chemistry behind the odorizers and that once they have been in there for a week they aren't going to do much of anything.

I went over to the rig yesterday and it seems like the smell had not come back yet but more time will tell.
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