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Originally Posted by bushpilot View Post
6g / 4 conductor, SO jacketed wire is over 4 bucks a foot retail now, i called around this week and was quoted anywhere from 5.18 to 5.85 a foot.

i picked up 75 feet of 6/4, SO for 4.20 a foot this afternoon (need to make a better extension cord for my bay & when i travel to my in-laws (shenandoah valley) & brother in-laws (destin).

so Curtis (SnaykeByte)....where did 110 & 220 go ??
The folks at NEMA changed the household voltages and subsequently industrial voltages in 1980. It has to do with more efficient power factors and slightly smaller conductor requirements. BTW, thanks for being a good sport, I was just razzin ya about it. It's a pet peave of mine that's all.
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