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Many thanks for the exhaustive details, it was a great read.

The commerical door offering for $250 is primed, not galvanized, foam core (no clue which) and features a welded frame instead of a knock down frame. I didn't inquire if he'd sell it to me with a knock down frame because I'm still undecided what to do.

Meanwhile, I also stopped by the local mobile home parts dealer to look at their stock. While there I picked up a 36x80 outswing foor for $200 (no window). However, it has a wooden core (like the Lowe's flush steel door) so it'll need a flush top cap for the door and a drip cap for the frame.

I'm having second thoughts about buying the mobile home door because of the wooden core and because it's a lot flimsier than the $116 door from Lowe's (it's a tad shorter then the 84" standard door too). Maybe it'll be a keeper for the bathroom door partition because it's so light (photo of tarp simulating bathroom wall and door strapped to wall for approximate placement).

Meanwhile, yesterday I stopped in and eyeballed a door made for RVs at the local Renegade dealer. It had a flush latch/deadbolt combo with two key sets. Construction still seems flimsy by commercial or home duty steel door standards but it is maybe a bit more robust than the mobile home door.

Unfortunately, it had a window (this was the only door in stock) and he couldn't price it because it dind't appear in his inventory (he'll give me the pricing come Monday but I can surf around and learn what these things go for plus delivery). Regardless, I can wait on learning the price of it because I have no major hurry since the door placement will be just about the last thing I decide.
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