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I talked to the owner of a used Kingsley Peterbilt motorhome for sale in New York a few months ago. I didn't get a good picture of it, but the owner described to me that Kingsley (or maybe someone else) had built into the back of the motorhome the "stringer" that you see on a rollback wrecker. All hydraulic. They said it reaches out and you can attach the tow car to it, the front of the tow car is picked up and the tow car rides on the back wheels. I presume just like pulling a little trailer. I think they had quite a bit of motorhome behind the rear axle to fit all the "stinger stuff".

I asked about pulling a trailer with the "stinger" ... as twice I've had the Sububan on the deck of the roll back and my 24' trailer on the stinger (10K or 11K pounds) so I know the stinger will pull a trailer. The owner said in effect, "It will nicely pull any trailer you probably want to pull!".

Novel idea. Anyone else ever run into anything like this?
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