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I like this idea best because it's what I have in mind for my 23' of box space. Like most guys here, I envision my own uses, which are outside the normal spectrum of Mom and Pop buying a motorhome to tour the old USA.

Thus, what I suspect will happen for us is similar to what is mentioned above. Our space allocation, because we like to eat out, won't include much for kitchen and food prep. Instead, I envision dividing such that the forward 4 or 5 feet becomes the bathroom/closet with the remaining space 18-19' being an open floorplan workshop with a Murphy bed, which we fold down at night. This gives us a larger general purpose working space (fold down worktops) instead of dedicating private space for sleeping (we don't ever anticipate anybody else sleeping with us - it just ain't happening).

In our specific case, we also have the sleeper of the cab, which has an existing refrigerator, double bunk, and TV, which we're considering converting to office space where Lynn can hang out in air conditioned comfort during the day while I am off playing with my toys. E.g. she can fart off playing solitaire, watching TV, or working by processing orders off our website, and the other stuff we do from our regular office (everything except shipping, of course).

Rolling your own is neat!
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