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Originally Posted by Bob86ZZ4 View Post
I don't know about that Don. Don't they have to prove something like gross negligence or something? My neighbor across the alley got his car stuck in the snow and sat out there flooring it and slamming the shifter back and forth drive to reverse. For about 20 minutes and finally blew the seals out of the trans and the spraying fluid caught fire and burned up the car, and melted my vinyl siding on my garage. His insurance bought him a car and fixed my siding. And what he did to cause the fire was total idiocy.
My brother did something similar when he got Mother's AMC Javelin stuck in the driveway in a huge snowstorm. Held the throttle down and slammed the A/T from reverse to drive until the transmission gave up. Had to be towed away.

People who do this are really, really ignorant and possibly just as stupid. The reason the car won't move is because of the snow under the car that it is sitting on.
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