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Originally Posted by rjdhomes View Post
You should be able to put a cross-over tube between the tanks, but keep it high so that you get extra capacity only when the gray tank gets close to filling. Also, more liquid and less solid waste that could possibly backflow into the gray tank. NRC may be able to give you ideas for getting more capacity or a larger gray tank.

If you go to Elkhart area- you can see Showhauler, NRC, Haulmark, Chariot and Renegade. They are all within 20-30 minutes of each other.
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Thanks for your comments Bob. You pretty much spelled out what I want to do. Keep the crossover pipe up high so gray water only flows into the black tank after the gray is full. I would not want them to mix all of the time. My Dad is converting a Prevost right now. He may make a run to the Elkhart area soon. I'll have to ride with him.
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