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A toter box is generally rated by the floor length, the overhang over the cab does not count.

You definitely need a shorter plan. Math: 40' trailer + 5' between truck and trailer + 24' box + 10' for cab/hood = about 79'. Way over legal.

I am still planning mine, and I am working the math backwards. Take all your other variables: trailer length, the minimum you can get away with between the truck box and the front of the trailer, the length of your truck from the back of the cab to the front bumper, and gap between the cab and box. Add all that up and deduct it from the max legal length where you plan to travel, and that is how you stay out of jail! Easy math.

As to turning with a long trailer, that really depends on what you are doing with it. If you are just running the highway to major race tracks you can get away with a pretty long rig, the tracks are set up for it. If you're like me and have to maneuver into the midway spaces at hot rod shows and the like, or you are planning on going to campgrounds, whole different story.

Also most of those crazy long toters you see these days are pulling much shorter trailers to keep the total length legal. Or they are rolling the dice with the scale man. It's a trade off between trailer space and living space, only so much to divvy up.
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