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Default Go for it!


I was in the "thinking stage" of my conversion for over ten years! I knew the general approach I wanted to take, but it took me that long to make the comittment in my heart, and then finally to find the tractor I wanted. So far, everything is going according to plan.

In the year-and-a-half I been working on my conversion, I have learned three important lessions:

1> It is costing more than I had planned for getting the "outside" work done; the stuff I can't or won't do myself, like extending the frame and dropping the front axle (and extending the drive line).

2> It takes longer than expected to get things done. No one in the trucking/upfitting business is in a particular hurry, especially for us. Folks like us are considered, "One pump chumps" and they know we will never be back, so why hurry, or why be honest. Keep your guard up, monitor the work closely, and demand quality.

3> Find a good dealer or independent shop to have your "heavy" work done that you can't do yourself; explain to them your plan; and then work to develop a long term relationship. There is a lot more to consider when getting the work done than just finding the lowest price.

I am finally to the point where all my "I can't do that work myself" stuff is done, and everything left I will do myself, under my own control, on my own schedule. Now the fun for me really begins.

Good luck and keep us posted!
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