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When I read the manual on my residential range that in installed in my truck i found that there was no requirement for shielding behind the range or around the sides of the oven area. There was, however, a lack of recommended clearances above the stove so I ended up shielding that area with about .040 aluminum. I also shielded the back of the oven area with some thin aluminum flashing. It may not have been necessary but it made me feel better. I sometimes wonder what would happen if hot oil poured down the sides of the range and caught fire. Even a little bit of shielding would give me some time to get the fire extinguisher on it.

As hot rod suggests, I used solid pipe inside the living area, but I did use very short lengths of the flexible stainless steel couplers to connect things under the truck where it is open to the air. They are less than a foot long and fairly large diameter so fairly stiff. Not the sort of thing that would easily resonate and bounce. They do make life much easier when it comes to connecting up the plumbing though.
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