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Default threshold sealing question

ok, first off hello to all. i don't even know if this is the right forum to ask this question, but this is all new to me. so please let me know if i need to ask it elsewhere or what search terms to use to find my answer (yes i searched but didn't know what to call it.

what i am doing is a walkthrough conversion on my pickup truck/4wheeler to allow seating in the bed. my standard cab 74 chevy 1 ton pickup just doesn't have the room i need for my growing family, but i have way too much money and time into it to just sell it and buy a blazer and go through all the upgrading all over again. plus it was the same truck my gramps owned for years so i cant just sell it or part it out.

here's the plan: i was going to cut the wall between the cab and bed to make one continuous passenger cabin, add a rollcage and seats inside of a camper shell. i know back in my teenage days in the early '90s this was a fairly common 'trick-out' upgrade that the mini-truck show-truck guys used to do, so i've seen it done and it can't be rocket science. what i was wondering is on the medium and big truck conversions how do they seal the area to the new passenger/living seating area? what kind of seal is used? what is it called? i was imagining some kind of wide rubber seal but don't know what to search for on the internet to buy it. thanks again.
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