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yes I do try to talk folks out of building their own, even though this its a build it yourself forum.

I just cannot see the point of doing it yourself unless, you have a special need or requirment like I did the 9' door.

Had I known. my final costs would be pushing 90 grand, I would have bought a Class 8 and a fiver, then built my own bed on the truck.

I would sell my truck in a heart beat if someone would offer me 90% of my cash only investment, the time I spent designing nd building was priceless entertainment, but I am a fiscal realist.

While it looks finished it still needs several thousand dollars to complete. I have to replace the power awning that I mistakingly bought in Elkhart, Thus my Elkhart warnings! I would like to replace the cheapo Menard countertops and I would really like to redo my rear fuel filler doors, but I don't know where to start on those. The tanks take 20 minutes to top off.

I also would warn everyone ho easy it is to get the front axle over weight. Those over the cab bed units get heavy fast! Not enough rear over hang and the ft axle loads even faster.

There are so many skill sets it takes to build one of these, if you have the talents, you are money ahead, if not, at 50 bucks an hour 5000-10,000 in labor doesn't by a lot.

Advise to anyone starting.. get a Menards card, use the discounts, watch the sales flyer in the newspaper buy ahead on sale. buy more than you need, save receipts then once a month bring all the surplus back to be credited to your Menards card.

Would I do it again? probably not, like I said, the class 8 makes more sense, I could build it to fit in my shop, and store the 5vr at the local storage yard or behind my shop.

again, follow my build at your peril, but I'm willing to share anything I learned.
2001 GMC 6500 Topkick, 22' box, dropped frame, designed to fit into a 9' garage door. 3126 CAT 6spd Man Lo-Pro 19.5's w/ 3.07 rear axle ratio
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