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I am affraid I can't comment on the lifestyle love/hate thing yet. I am sill primarily living in the S&B (Sticks and Bricks) for now. That will change starting tomorrow for a week or so, but that's hardly living the lifestyle. It seems my commuter car died and while it is in the shop it makes no sense to commute in a stealth camper. Better to park near work and save some fuel.

I have been plugged into shore power while parked in the driveway. Thus far the only real use the gennerator is getting is to run for a 1/2 hour every month or so just to keep it from clogging up.

Once at work one of the rent a cops wodered why my box truck was in the parking lot after dark. (I don't overnight there because they asked me not to.) I just flashed him my badge. (I do work there after all.) Other than that no one has noticed me yet.

Meanwhile I have been been busy upgrading my propane and gasoline supply. I will post about it here shortly.
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