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Originally posted by Gary Atsma:
What kind of rig are you looking for- or are you actually in the market? The reason I ask is that you post ads for everything possible, then ask our opinions on them. Do you have something in mind, or are you just gathering info on everything that hits the used market? Just curious.....

I spend hours looking for used conversions online, occasionally find one or something unusual, then post it here, and ask others for their opinions hoping it will help educate myself or others on what to look for and or avoid...

I'm still looking for a conversion.

Here is the text from my ad in the "Wanted" section:

I'm searching for a truck conversion with some, many or all of the following specs. These are rough specs and I am somewhat flexible.

1. Very good mechanical condition, exterior paint not necessary. Interior does not have to be complete, perfect or high end leather. Plywood walls, linoleum floors are fine. Canvas type seat covers would work well. It has to be user friendly and efficient use of space.

I like the idea of everything converting to a potential sleeper, ie diner, couch, cabover, so when I have guests, they have a place to sleep, like large windows, skylights that open for natural ventilation.

Also like the idea of house batteries charged by either the truck motor or generator so I don't have to run the generator if I'm only using small amounts of power.

2. Front 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1/1 or so living/office space and rear 1/4, 1/2. 3/4 garage/shop space. It would be nice, but not required, if the garage area had some shop type cabinets, work top benches and tools included, ie welders, and shop tools, metal/wood so I could build stuff in the garage area. Big windows and natural light, e-track or slat tie downs would be a nice addition in the shop area.

3. Prefer a level type rear ramp that raises and lowers so it could be used as an outdoor work or pleasure platform...

4. I don't need all kinds of high tech gizmos and gadgets like a washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, in motion satellite reciever. Prefer a simple, bullet proof, industrial strength type machine. Something that is low maintenance and multi purpose.

5. Reasonably priced.

The above are preferences, not requirements.

Can't think of anything more at this moment, but when I do, I'll edit the ad.

My location is the San Francisco area.

You can email me at
or call
510 523.5031
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