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Well the last major details where finalized yesterday.

The biggest was the floor plan. The final drawing came over and to fit everything in that we wanted, we had to go to 29'. I really wanted to stay in that 36' overall length range, but there was just no way. So keeping a eye on wheel base we will still have almost a 4' shorter wheel base. Couple that with the 55 degree wheel cut on the M2 and I think the turning radius and maneuverability will still be substantially better than my last Show Hauler.

So here is the final floor plan:

Exterior cab and box integration is probably the most important item on my list. I have been scouring the net for M2 pictures and came across this Optima M2 motorhome. In one word AWESOME! I think they did a incredible job making this rig look like it was meant to be a motorhome. It still has a tough truck look to it, but refined enough to be a classy motorhome. To me the best looking rigs are the ones that look like they never where just a truck. All to many times I see owners trying to marry up truck cabs to boxes that just don't look like they should be put together. Many of the condo units don't meet with the top of the box roof and over cab bunks that are only 12" high are really crazy looking. Anyway, that is just my opinion I like to see balance in all aspects of the exterior, from wheels, fenders, overhangs, bottom of rig sight line, ect... It just all has to look in proportion. This rig definitely shows that.

So now we get to sit and wait. Truck won't be ready until the end of January, so the next updates won't come until then.

2012 Showhauler 28'6" Motorhome on a Columbia w/ 450 Mercedes.
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