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......Gary: that is cost of materials and labor with me doing the supervision.....I got it down to a science using ready available materials and adapting home or commercial appliances to the unite....this is the basic rig without any of the glitz items like flat panel or sat tracking or even stero the truck show they were giving away sirius and that other one so you'd have to sign up for the service.....There is always the issue of the truck but using the wholesale price or "trade terms" with a company you can trust about 30k will get you the tractor part and another 20 for the box or trailer....the rest is fluff and is strickly profit centered items....I could shave it closer by using black water tanks and stuff like that but when it comes to poop -I go first class because of the health issues[electric Incinolet].....the water system is over rated in most commercial unites[no reason for propane]....they want to make it like home on wheels-which it is not- but they don't put any money into the bath tub or shower with the toilet in the center of the "loo" of hot and cold water....with fancy knobs and a glass shower door.....LED lites will tripple the battery capacity.... useing NON-Lead/acid batteries-cost about 1/3 more but last for 5 years in MH use....and you can pull them out and use them in the boat or even the truck....I spent more on a generator as I use if for other things but one could get away with a 6000 watt unite to run the A/C unite with good insulation and an electric fan to move th air around......geofkaye
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