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If your looking to pull a stacker, than as geof said your not going to be happy anywhere but on the flats.

But if your looking to pull a smaller 5th wheel or bumper pulled trailer it will work very well. The only place the big dogs are going to drop you are in the big hills or if you get stuffed on a small hill. The 6 speed Allison is as smooth as silk.

You are limited on that truck to that 300 hp, you cannot turn up the power due to the smaller radiator. After January 05 FL started to produce two versions of the M2-116, one for up to 300 hp and one for hp up to 350 hp. The big difference is the larger hood to accommodate the larger radiator. Not sure what else.

I will post a new note on this in a week or so, but I am having my Mercedes motor turned up next week. I have the larger radiator, so I can wick up the motor. While I was climbing all over the motor to get all of the necessary numbers for the service center I notice that all of the stickers from Mercedes state that it is the 330 hp version. But someone put cheesy stickers showing they derated it to 300 hp. Since my truck was one of the first to come out of the factory with the new larger radiator, no one new we could run the bigger hp/tq. The big thing with the Mercedes motor is that when you bring it up to the 330 hp you also raise the torque from 860 to 1,000. On the Cat motor you are stuck with 860 torque even when up rated.

I will post costs and thoughts on how the M2 does with more ponies in a week or so.
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