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Default could I make some changes and get a coach built the way I want it for a reasonable price?......I have learned quite a lot by building my tractor/trailer-the question is could you handle additional changes-like the gray plastic conduit-polyisocynate insulation of at least 2 inches[R-15]-real wood cabinets painted, not stained-how about a commercial vinal/rubber floor like restraunts use[slip resistant]could I install my appliances[Wood's]- could I install my own generator- wired the way I want it-do I need to all the glitz and glammor's stero's mirrors-radios-satalites-I want only an Incinolet toilet/never a black water tank-only gray with a 20 gallon water know "crapola items".....I like plain Jane's....if I need glitz and glammor I just pick up another exotic dancer to take a vacation with her and write her off as an employee.......geofkaye
women-food-money-naps...not necessarly in that order
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