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I emailed Tennessee officials to get specific requirements to title & license a Volvo 610 as a motorhome. Their response: 55-1-104(2) A Motor home is defined as a motor vehicle which is designed, constructed (either originally by the manufacturer or rebuilt by another) and equipped as a dwelling place, living abode or sleeping place. Motor homes may be registered under a Automobile Private Passenger tag, regardless of the weight of the vehicle.

That response seemed a bit loose to me when compared to Missouri law which is very specific and reads: (407.1320)(11)(b) "Motor home", a vehicle which is designed to provide temporary living quarters and which: (a) Is built onto as an integral part of, or permanently attached to, a
motor vehicle chassis; and (b) Contains at least four of the following independent life systems if
each is permanently installed and designed to be removed only for purposes of repair or replacement and meets the American National Standards Institute standards for recreation vehicles: a. A cooking facility with an onboard fuel source; b. A gas or electric refrigerator;
c. A toilet with exterior evacuation; d. A heating or air conditioning system with an onboard power or fuel source separate from the vehicle engine; e. A potable water supply system that includes at least a sink, a faucet, a
water tank with an exterior service supply connection; f. A 110-125 volt electric power supply; (c) The three basic types of motor homes are specified as follows: a. Type A: a raw chassis upon which is built a driver's compartment and an entire body which provides temporary living quarters as defined above; b. Type B: a completed van-type vehicle which has been altered to provide temporary living quarters as defined above; c. Type C: an incomplete vehicle, upon which is permanently attached a body
designed to provide temporary living quarters as defined above;

Well, I contacted a couple of folks in the Department of Safety in Tennessee trying to find out specific requirements (like Missouri has). Bottom line - The commercial vehicle enforcement sergeant I talked to told me that you can't title and license a truck as a motor home in Tennessee. He said a truck's a truck and that's it.

My question: Has anyone out there titled and licensed a Class 8 road tractor as a motor home in Tennessee? I'd hate to move residency to Tennessee and have to buy commercial tags. Comments, suggestions appreciated. Thanks - Joe [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]

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