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Jeff -

Welcome to the site!

Definitely check out Show Hauler. If you can't change your order than maybe you shouldn't, you may become extremely depressed.

Haulmarks open roof in the cab is definitely unique, but scary if there is ever a leak. I am sure they have copied the same principle as a standard class c, but I wonder how well it will hold up.


They now use a composite wall system, do you have more details on this? If it is similar to traditional motorhome construction, luan laminated to fiberglass, I am not impressed. Renegade at least uses a very thick FRP glass/plywood/glass system.

I know they went to aluminum upper structure, do you know the spacing is on this framework?

Any other insights you can provide on Haulmark would be appreciated.

I have seen that Haulmark has gotten very price competitive over other conversion mfg'ers, and I am assuming they are going for the mass produced approach, employing the same marketing used with their trailers.

Keep us posted as you move forward with your conversion plans.


2003 28' Show Hauler Motorhome on a 1995 FL 120
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