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I've been studying your new A to Z Conversion guide for 2 weeks and IMO the chapter on Brakes is lacking explainations of exactly how to apply air brakes without throwing yourself and passengers through the windshield. I was looking to learn how to gently apply air brakes, even in a panic situation without skidding or sliding into a jack knife situation.

I've been driveing a "yard spotter truck" for over 5 years now and I still have difficulty getting used to stopping a loaded trailer with 42,000 to 49,000 lbs. of payload without hesitating to SLAM on the brake pedal. Most times I throw the autoshift lever to neutral and then ease the brake pedal down. I don't know if driving at 65 mph and having to stop or swirve to miss a road hazard or animal that I would be able to not SLAM the brake pedal without considerable forthought due to normal human reactions to STOP the vehicle.

What would you suggest to remedy this natural reaction?

Thanks for all of you information in your "Guide".

Dan in Oklahoma.

1998 Z71 Chevy Extended Cab 3-Door
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(Larry, looking foward to my dream rig)

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