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Rick I bobtailed my FLD 120 for a few months before we turned it into a Motorhome. It had a single rear axle 48" sleeper and steel wheels. I was freaking out when I started the project because that truck road terrible and was worried that when we turned it into a MH it would stay that bad. (Needless to say when you throw 15,000 lbs plus on the chassis, it rides like a Cadillac)

So the first thing I did was to air the tires down and that helped alot (you may have already done that) I next added Broc's air ride and that was a big disappointment at the start. I ran the level adjusters down so the bags where not fully inflated and that helped a bit. (The Broc's bags really came into their own after we put the motorhome box on) Shocks will help a little, but not very much. The single biggest upgrade in ride came when I went to Alcoa aluminum rims. They run about $280 a piece, but the weight difference is huge and really helps keep those tires on the ground and not bouncing you to death. If you have steel wheels and plan to change them out be sure to have your wheel studs changed out to fit the much thicker aluminum rims. (made that mistake)

Good luck

2012 Showhauler 28'6" Motorhome on a Columbia w/ 450 Mercedes.
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