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I wasn't saying one shouldn't, but to make sure it is the correct way to cure the problem.

For example, the old Mercury Capri car from the 70's was continued in Europe for many years more than in the USA. It was popular on the circuits for saloon (sedan) car racing. They had a really bad handling problem with the rear end bouncing and therefore hanging out. Most novices tried to cure it by using the standard methods of stiffening the springs, and shocks but it made it all worse. The trick was a variable rate single leaf spring and multi-way adjustable shocks. We did this to my wife's road Capri and nothing could touch it on the winding English roads.

You mention the Kingsley carrying a car in the back, well I saw one recently which had a two car stacker over the rear single axle and it was at least a 40ft unit, bet that handled badly with all that weight in the rear!!!!

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