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Patrick:...Showhauler must me working on your truck now!....I was by there last night and It isn't outside or in Showtimes fenced It must be was late in the evening and there was nobody around. I drove around back and the only thing out was dumpsters...compaired to other campanies in the area Showhauler/Showtime/Kibbi are the cleanest-most organized companies.... I visited Kibbi/Renegade Jayco Pace Innovator U.S.Cargo and two other trailer makers.....I'd say that a plant tour is in order If you are having a conversion unite built or a trailer made....It was an eye opening tour as they quickly made up my mind as to what I want and who I want to build it for me.....I was going to the rally but business took me the opposite way-towards Chicago- this week and 'course when we arrived the problem had already been solved....OH WELL! I drove to Elkart and took a look around. I can not stress the value of plant tours and watching your's/other's trailer/motorhome/converions being built as well as watching other models and the techniques of their construction.....'specially if you know anything at all about construction in general....I really don't want to express any reservations about some companies on this list-but LOOK at their construction before you purchase..."sticks and staples is putting it mildly"....I could see why there are much complaining/warranty issues about structure-materials-construction issues. "Buyer Beware".....'course I have taken the Airstream plant tour also and have NOT plunked down $53,784.04 for a new one of those.....geof<keeping his old Airstream for the time being>
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