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....about 2 weeks of consentrating on what your doing then you forget to think about it----then maybe a week in the city getting used it turns on city streets...running over curbs and splashing water on the walking public....that 's the fun part....I like blowing off compressed air when the sidewalk full of lunch timers....they all jump in unisom.....also loud horns[160db] are good at crowd control in the citys for clearing j-walkers with ear phones or listening to RAP music.....they kinda put their hands on the ears to stop the noise....doesn't help at all....still rattles their soul.......crack dealers drop their stash and potheads explode from the first burst COPS wave back-as do the hookers- and so do little kids pumping their arm up and down-freaking out on the school bus on the way home....geofkaye
women-food-money-naps...not necessarly in that order
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