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Hi all. I just found this forum, and have a few questions. I have an order in for a 30' Haulmark on a new FL Columbia chassis. I looked at Renegade and Haulmark, and selected Haulmark based on the floor plan, and what I perceived to be a better build quality and higher level fit and finish. I'm in the construction business, so I tend to be very anal about details. I also like the cabover details on the Haulmark, and the walk-through cab access is great.

I have seen concerns posted about the walk-through cab, and I share them. It is difficult to inspect on the lot, but I planned to visit the factory next week and check out how they do it.

In a perfect world, I would have done the factory visits first, then made my decision, but time didn't permit. I needed to get an arder in to avoid a chassis price increase, and insure delivery by Feb 1, 2004.

After reading this forum, I am impressed with the positive comments about the Showhauler brand, and my question is this...should I visit the Showhauler factory when I go to Haulmark? Or just stick with my original choice? How quickly can Showhauler produce a MH? Do they have chassis in stock? Most posters here seem to bring their own chassis to the deal. Thanks in advance for your opinions!

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