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I honestly have a crew member and very good friend that is the owner his own custom woodworking, and furniture business. The truck is at his shop right now. We are having the complete interior done in mostly with Birch plywood that will be painted with that new paint that they advertise for kids rooms that is supposed to wipe off fairly easily.

All of the particle board cabinets will be either replaced or definitely strengthened. I wish that I had a way to post the diagram of how the truck will look when finished, but I guess that I will have to wait.

I am a marble and granite distributor, and am also considering doing some nice tiling in the shower area. All overhead cabinets will be being replaced, and the only laminate cabinet that may remain is the one with the sink in it, and it will be sandwiched in between the new entertainment center and computer station on one side, and one of the restroom walls on the other. The pictures I have posted are basically my starting point and everything done from now will only be an improvement.

I appreciate the tip on the aluminum pieces inside. I will have to inspect that more closely. I have never actually paid that much attention to it. I have only used it to go racing a couple of times thus far however.

Does anyone know where to get either 22.5" Simulators, or a nice price on a set of polished wheels? All that I have priced have been outrageously expensive.

I would like to do the wheels, and front bumper, as well as possibly chrome fuel tanks on the truck, but I am doing it all a little at a time as funding allows.

I must admit that it will be nice to have a truck designed to pull a trailer, and not killing my Dually (which I sold to get this truck.


The awnining is made by Holiday Canopies, and honestly this particular type has the legs that come down from the main frame structure. We have made concrete footers the size of 6" pipe, and it also has provisions for a tie down on the awning in each place that there is a leg. It should hold up fairly well in the wind.
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