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ok---- i've got a question which i think will prove interesting to answer/discuss--- here goes--- at 60 mph you are burning a constant rate of fuel on level land at a steady speed with flat road---- right? so how much fuel will a 300 hp burn in these conditions? say x amount-- ok--- now how much will a 550 hp burn in the same conditions {the coach body is identical}? wouldn't they both use the same amount?---now the only place i see a larger fuel amount is when the larger hp motor using more fuel is when you use more torque/hp than the 300 is capable of putting out????? right or wrong????---ok jump in --- i really want to know how you all think----- ohhh-- my last tank from destin fl to ellijay to birmingham al twice and atlanta one was 10.00 flat even and thats with the diesel hot water heater and the gen. some.---- ok--- tell me---- mase
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