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Hello Joe -- --

Until Larry responds -- Here's a link on how I installed my inverter in the tractor:

As a side note -- I also plugin the 5th wheel to the exterior plug on the back of the sleeper I installed -- I do this while hooked up and the lamp cord plugged into the tractor. This gives me 6 batteries to draw from. The inverter has a low battery cutoff - and shuts down automatically. I did a test of this feature just using the tractor batteries -- and waited about 5 minutes -- and tried starting the tractor. Temp was 50 degrees -- and the tractor started -- albeit .. the starter was slow.

I am installing a larger inverter in the 5th wheel -- but for now .. this works just fine.

Hello Bill -----

I used to live in Riverside -- At the corner of Lincoln and Mary. Sold the house in '81. I also went to "The River" for years -- Parker !! Over time I had 3 - ski boats ........ Seems like another life !! I miss my 427 Ford powered Flat Bottom !!

So Long Fellows .......... (Hi Larry)

OLDphoneman ......

Great New Forum !!
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