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...You are a little too late-I sold my warehouse 2+ years ago....can't keep it filled with the "just in time" methods today and containers don't help much.....I paid $7.50 a sqft and sold it for $7.65....did make -some money-but not my usual percentage and it was a headache[but good tax advantage]. Open at 7 Am and close at 6Pm seven days a week....labor is now Latinos as they don't get any perks only Workmans Comp if injured on job and will work OT for cash off the books.....I don't miss the warehouse or the boat ramp or the HVAC a bit....each had it's own ''special'' headaches. I like these investments much better....the Recycling[aka junk] yard is netting 33+% currently[cash cow]-which can only get better because of the war. Pet shops are a liscense to steal-average about 100% net-but tied to the economy and there is only a certain ammount of money for a family to spend on pets....RV industry is 13 Billion a years so I'm looking into it some-but at 60-how much more effort do I want to put into a start up?....Question of the week! of luck whatever you decide. Thank you for your service to this country. geofkaye
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