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Originally posted by Warpath:
Definitely not torx. Torx is 6 point.

I got to call SH tomorrow to find out where th heck to get the bit for that.

Alan, Freightliner will have it. I have 2 short trips coming up over the next few weekends and than I am taking my in to have a periodic check engine light checked out, head lights aligned, and the motor turned up to 330 hp and a second valve put on.
Warpath - you're right, of course, that isn't a torx.

Please post more info on the HP upgrade: price, what hardware is involved (or software upgrade only, perhaps). And what about your Allison 3000TRV... can it be upgraded to a 3200TRV to handle 300 HP and 1000 lb-ft of torque?
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