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....must be adjustable [I just measured my wrecker stinger] retracted is 23" inches and extended is 102" I have a bed made here in Ohio in Hubbard it is on a Chev 6500 with a 20' bed and of course a stinger on the back end.....will tow 15,000 pounds at "expressway speeds" company is called ...KILAR is is a 330 area code and the guys name is TOM if you need any need to keep it adjustable for turning/backing in tight places as it needs to go a full 90 + degree angle backing....tag trailers must have the same backing radius so I have an extending hitch shaft for the 2 5/8 ball hitch which I have used instead of banging the trailer into the corner of the tractor... again[oops again and then again!].....geofkaye
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