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.....I'D QUIT USING THAT HARDWARE STORE CAULK....ain't going to stay caulked very long with the vibration and flexing....try to get some Manus-Bond...self leveling caulk product # 76-AM call the factory at 1-952-442-3323 and get a supplier near you -retails about $8.50 a tube-....silycone monkey snot will not stick to aluminum very long and will start to roll up/shrink as it dries out. MANUS-BOND WON'T---NOT EVEN ON ALUMINUM ROOF'S ...IF YOU NEED TO REPLACE ANY FOR WHATEVER REASON ONE CAN GRIND IT OFF WITH A WIRE CUP BRUSH ON A 7-9" ANGLE GRINDER LIKE THE WELDERS USE TO CLEAN OFF THE STEEL BEFORE WELDING....-i USE IT ON ALL ALUMINUM ROOFS WHERE THE ROOF MEETS THE ANGLE IRON SHAPED EDGE BEFORE AND AFTER INSTALLATION OF THE angle to close up the roof at the sides.....anywhere aluminum meets any other material I give it a seat of Manus-Bond to make it watertight forever.....geofkaye
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