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Todd, I agree it does seem small. But, I think everybody has their own comfort level. In my camping miles I've met all sorts. Couples that have huge deisel pushers with 4 slides, families that have pop up trailers they have to all cram in to sleep, and everything in between. Forget about those tent people, they arent' real campers. I visit with and tour other peoples setups as well as offering my mobile home for them to check out. It always amazes me to see some of these people with teenie tiny campers and all the ingenuity they put into them. And they seem darn happy. I met a couple in Wyoming a couple years ago. They were "about half timers" to their camper. It was an old Ford van that they had built into a camper. Very compact indeed. They were very nice and seemed to fully enjoy their rig. I even wondered if maybe they wouldn't have enjoyed mine (but I had my '92 Allegro 32' gasser at that time). I guess it many ways, "size doesn't matter" hahahahaahah. Both of you guys amaze me with your creativness and skills.

Randy, I can just imagine you stomping on that piece of flooring in your driveway. I'd be the neighbor peering over the fence at you and just shaking my head. And then you'd go over and wrap a towel around yourself and poop in your gas toilet in the middle of the driveway. Hahahahaahaha.
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