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....BOB E HAS A POINT!....FLEXING AND THE EFFECTS OF LONG TERM FLEXING.....the parts that flex too much will appear in your rear view is called joint failure and it is terminal [unless you are very lucky]......the only thing I have noticed in 120,000 miles of towing is that the trailers seem to crack/split/fail at the point that the hitches are welded around the frame ends where it is attached to the trailer main is because of the poor welding and sloppy fit ups.....if the welding is done by "Amish Frame Makers" in Latino disguises than there will be problems.....yes, your trailer can be fixed! and usually at a very reasonable price....BUT[here it comes] the issue is called "Catastrophic Frame Failure" and it is usually a terminal situation on the interstate highway at speed......I'd suggest a frame gusset be made now and welded in place asap....might cost you $100 for the welding and maybe $50 for the steel...BUT the issue will be moot after that.....geofkaye........BTW if you think you are embarrassed easily-wait till it happens and you can't believe how red your face will be.....specially if some poor unlucky person is killed!
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