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I stopped by United Specialties and had their guy look at my truck. I've noticed some small marks in the aluminum skin on the bottom side of the cab overhang. He said water has gotten in and it's pushed some of the paint out there. He said there may have been some water sitting there that caused it. I had noticed some crappy gook that had come out of the trim area there when I first picked up the coach and drove it 300 miles home. That must have been the water that had been sitting there. My truck had been on the dealer's lot for almost a year and a half before I bought it. I always store it indoors so it doesn't get exposed to a lot of water now, only if it happens to rain when I've got it out. He said the water may have gotten in around the clearance lights. They had built my coach using 2" round clearance lights that sit in a rubber grommet. He said they no longer do it that way because they found the water can leak in that way. They now just cut a small hole in the skin to fish the wires out and use surface mount lights that they seal behind with silicone caulk so no water gets in. The problem I have is I've got large circular holes where all my lights are. I haven't pulled out out yet to measure but if the light is 2" diameter I found a spec that says the hole has to be 2.312" for the grommet. I did find a rubber grommet that doesn't have a huge hole in the back of it, it's got a small hole on the bottom edge to run the wire up through and out into the light housing. I suppose I could silicone in those grommets and that would most likely seal up okay. I'm also thinking it might be better to find a larger surface mount light and seal that over my holes. I'm not finding anything large enough high to cover a 2.312" hole tho. I did find these flange mount 2" lights that might work to seal into the holes:

I haven't been able to find one locally to look at and see if they're water tight between the light and that flange tho. Anybody ever seen one of these? I may have to just order one for $10.00 and check it out. Their description doesn't even say the hole size but I'm guessing since it's a 2" light it should be a drop in fit for a grommet size hole. If anybody has seen this type of flange light and thinks it would/wouldn't work please reply. And, if you can find any other type of surface mount light with at least 2.4" height that would be great. I'm liking the looks of those l.e.d. lights with the clear lense that light amber or red. I think those would look cooler on my white siding than the amber or red lenses do too. I can't find a 2" flange mount clear lense/amber light or clear lense/red light. Bummer. Thanks for any help.
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