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BravestDog -

Are we talking professionally built or home built. This is going to make a big difference in the answer. Because professional built bus conversions are basically unattainable for most and most professionally built TC's are priced in the 125 to 175 range.

If we are talking general differences a TC can haul any trailer and a bus is going to be limited in what it can tow. I have noted that all of the big money bus conversions I have passed squat in the rear when towing just a single car trailer or smaller enclosed trailer. Not sure if the air bags are setup softer or just missed adjusted.

I will say I was on a bus tour last year and got to ride in a brand new prevost w/ a big pony motor and Allison 6 speed automatic and that thing really got up and moved out. And at 45' it maneuvered downtown city streets better than my 40' TC would have.

As far as getting work done a truck wins that hands down. You have full access to the motor out front, and any truck center in the country can get you rolling 24/7.

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