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.....BEFORE YOU JOIN THE KNITTING CIRCLE:....CLEANING A CEILING THAT IS MADE WITH VINYL IS EASY....MADE OF CLOTH IS A WITCH!....Make sure you get the kind that can be wiped with 409 or something like that cleaner.....a MH gets dirty real quick-specially one that is diesel and around racing. any surface that is in a MH must be "cleanable" I use a carpet extractor to clean the cloth interior of the tractors/MH and you would not believe the dirt that comes out of the cloth interiors every year....the water is BLACK with dirt and stuff. I use a hospital carpet cleaning product called in the trade "RESOLVE" and it comes from a commercial carpet/janitorial supplier-not the Home Depot type it has more water and less chemicals that sanitizers well as cleans......stuff does clean as the second pass will leave very little dark water in the vacuum side of the extractor.... I even use the extractor with a furniture head on the vinyl as well...then use a sealer/brightener....geofkaye and the a Rivercity Group
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