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Todd, the flange mount lights I think would be best. The problem is they need a 2.8" hole to fit into. I'd have to enlarge all my holes. Sealing the grommets might work. But, I'd want to get those other grommets with a small hole on the edge for the wires, not the regular grommets that have a huge hole. I think a flange would seal up better than a soft rubber grommet tho. I don't mind the large round hole behind a surface mount light if I can find a surface mount light large enough to cover it and have some room for the silicone to seal it too. What tool would a guy use to enlarge a 2.3" hole to 2.8"? A knockout tool wouldn't work because I don't have access to the back side to install it. A whole saw wouldn't work because it would float around. They need a small center hole for the drill bit to keep it centered. I wonder if I can find a flange mount light that is only 2.3" diameter on the back side of the fixture so it will fit into my holes?
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