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.....solder...BUT don't let the wires touch anytiwhenme the juice is on...LED's can't stand any minuet shorts or mis-wiring at all......they die and can't be wire all them in and solder the wires.... I use liquid marine wire insulator goop instead of shrink tube cuz I'm works the same way and will seal no mater what...about $2.00 a 4 oz can....then any left overs will harden in a week or so....throw the opened can out and get a new one for a spare....test each circuit and install after checking of any openings in the insulation....with 12 volts use a plastic lume that covers the wires as vibration will cause the conductor to rub a whole in the covering and then there is a short-leaving the circuit open...causing flashing and dead LED' isn't that much a problem if correctly fused.....geofkaye and the Rivercity Group
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