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My neighbor has a Phaeton 40' d/p built on a Freightliner chassis. It's got 4 slides. I don't know what motor (I think I asked him and he thought it was a Cummins?) Allison auto trans. He said he cruises at 65 mph usually. he claims he gets 8-11 mpg. Is that possible? Seems kind of high to me. I'm very meticulous about checking my mileage all the time. I always write down everything, fill the tanks every time I fuel up, and do the math. I cruise at 66-68. About half the time I'm pulling an enclosed car hauler, total weight of that is approx. 7k lbs. I know my rig is 26k lbs. The worst mileage I've ever gotten is 8.1 mpg. The best I've gotten is 9.7. I don't think he should be getting better mileage than I get, should he? Not that I care much about my mileage because I'm perfectly happy with what I get and I've got tons more reserve power than he's got. Just thinking his computer might be lying to him. He doesn't check mileage properly, he just goes by the dash computer I guess. His rig should be heavier than mine, he's got a torque converter, and a much less powerful motor. Any thoughts from you guys on it?
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