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Can't help you with your license question but I love that Class A bus picture. I have always wondered why they don't use a tractor and a 53' or longer bus for intercity travel. You could save a fortune in repairs service the tractor over a in chassis pusher bus.

The trailer would be quieter and they could even have a steward or stewardess back their to serve coffee or other meals while traveling.

Hundreds of these trailers could be a much more financially efficient than light rail.

If the feds really wanted to reduce auto traffic , they would allow these with extended length (60+feet) and perhaps wider width (full 9') trailers behind cab over tractors.

Imagine a morning commute in a recliner with hot coffee and a personal tv mounted in the back of the seat in front of you like an airliner.

Every morning thousands of cars leave St. Cloud Mn for the twin Cities. If you had these, they could take you in and run you back home just get on the bus going to the part of the city you are going to. The smaller busses we have now are to small to be cost effective, and not classy enough to be fashionable to be of interest to our auto centered society.

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