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I recall a comment in an earlier thread (that I cannot seem to locate) about underlift towing. GeofKaye, maybe?

Anywho, I like the convenience of flat-towing our Honda (four wheels down) but not being able to back up is limiting. As an alternative, I'm wondering about rigging up an underlift system like I see on some tow trucks. (Is this system also called a 'stinger lift'?)

Two initial questions:
1. It seems like this type of towing setup would allow backing up just like any two-wheel trailer. Correct?

2. What is the ideal separation between the tow vehicle and towed vehicle? It seems like 1/2 the width of the towed vehicle plus a few inches for a safety margin would be sufficient.

I have the engineering background to design the lifting members but want to make sure I'm not missing something obvious.
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