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Picked the truck up tonight and got in a 45 minute drive.

The Super 10: I like it even though it does mean some relearning time. Up shifting is no problem and I caught on pretty quickly, although I had to adjust my timing with the flip of the switch when I made lever shifts. The thing that caught me out was rolling turns at say 15 mph. I normally would take these in 6th, but it seems the Super 10 wants 5th, so I screwed up a turn or 2. There is a little more gear noise with this trannie probably because it is new, but far less vibration. Definitely floats shifts 1,000% easier and smoother. I can't wait to get some seat time with it.

It was great to have the speed limiter lifted and ran it up to 75. Felt great, no vibration.

Need to do some spit shinning and will be ready to roll again.

2012 Showhauler 28'6" Motorhome on a Columbia w/ 450 Mercedes.
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