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Air to air heat exchanger, I will put that in my memory bank when the time comes, I will look into to it. Leaning real hard on the slide. My thought is I'm this far into this creation, I know that if I don't install it I will regret it later. I also know how much comfortable and roomy those precious cubic feet can be. I downloaded the install manual from BAL on their slide and it really looks lightweight. I think I will just build my own with either a screw jack or a hydrualic ram and pump, heck the hatch lift on my Cigarette boat would do the trick and the hydrualics are simple, thinking about 11.5 feet long by about 6.5 ft. tall and 30 inche slideout, thats alot of living space and will make a huge diffrence my mind is in high gear with thoughts, oh I got the eighth and final window installed tonight, although I ran out of framing steel, Oh well guess I'll have to head to the steel yard this weekend.....suppose I'll pick up enough material to do the slide while I'm down there....
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